Woo Hoo! I Can See Underwater!

snorkelAt the beginning of summer my mom bought a snorkel and mask for me. It was a prize because I wore my eye glasses everyday and all day in school for 3 months. I was allowed to choose anything I wanted  but I only wanted a snorkel. I thought it would be neat to see things underwater. Maybe I’d get to see fish and sea stars!

So far I have used it in the outdoor pool, the ocean, and a river. I haven’t seen anything yet but I’m not going to give up. I think it would be really exciting to see sea creature underwater. A few times my snorkel went underwater and water got in my mouth. I couldn’t breath so I had to come up. I have to learn to keep the tippy top of my snorkel out of the water.

Have you ever used a snorkel and mask? If you have used one please tell me what you saw underwater.

image: snorkel and mask by IceBone released under a CC Attribution – NonCommercial – No Derivative Works license


joust_knightGuess what?! Last night my mom, older brother and I went to a play called Excalibur. It was about King Arthur who became king when he pulled the sword out of the stone. When Arthur was a baby a man named Merlin who was a sorcerer and a friend of the king took him away in the night to hide him from people that might hurt him. He was the son of the king and queen and there was lots of fighting everywhere so Merlin didn’t think it was safe for Arthur to be with his mom and dad. Merlin wanted Arthur to grow up to be king so he found a family to take care of him and pretend that they were his real parents.

When Arthur was 14 years old he was helping his brother in a tournament because Kaye wanted to be a knight. Kaye forgot his sword at the inn and Arthur promised that he would go back there to get it. Then he remembered that it was locked because everyone was at the tournament. He was worried about Kaye not having his sword but then Morgan Le Fay the mean sorceress who was the sister of the queen told him to pull the sword out of the stone. Then he did!

Morgan cast a spell on him because she wanted to take Arthur away but Merlin came and saved him. Then Arthur gave the sword to Kaye to fight with. Everyone from the tournament saw Kaye with the sword in his hand so they thought that Kaye pulled it from the stone. They wondered if Kaye was the king. No one saw anyone pull the sword out so Arthur was told to put it back in the stone. All the men tried to pull it out again but the only one that could do it was Arthur. Then he became king! He was only 14! That’s really young for a king. That would be me in seven years and that would be pretty weird to be a queen when I am a teenager.

My mom got tickets to see it because the boy she tutors was in it. He was playing the part of Merlin. He was pretty good. I really liked the magic tricks he did. I hope he can teach me some magic when he comes to my house next time.

Have you ever heard of the King Arthur story before?

image:  Sir Thomas at full tiltreleased One lucky guy under a CC Attribution – NonCommercial license

A Great Present

pinkDSWhen I was five I got a pink DS for Christmas. I even got a DS case to go with it and a new pink touch pen that was beautiful but at the end of it where you tap it was white. In my case there were head phones and a  DS recharger for our van and one for the house too. There was a stand-er-upper for my DS and it even came with game holders to keep my games in them all day when I am at school. It was a special day for me when I got my DS. I play with it by myself a lot but sometimes I play multiplayer games with friends or my brothers.  My favourite games are Mario Party, Princess Peach (but I lost that one), Harvest Moon, New Super Mario Bros. and Yoshi’s Island. I like download play as well. I love playing my DS when I first wake up because my brother usually hogs the TV.

Have you ever played any games on the DS? If you have tell me which ones you like the best.

image: nds cover & game case by love jamie released under a CC Attribution license

Yummy in My Tummy. Mmmmm.

KDMy favourite yummiest meal of the day is always Kraft Dinner. I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could, but I can’t because not everyone in my family likes it and my mom is allergic to it. When I do get to have it it’s an exciting day. My second favourite meal of the day is pancakes and sausages. Have you ever had these for brunch before? I love having brunch because it is a mixture of breakfast and lunch. I like having breakfast and lunch at the same time. My next favourite thing to eat is cheese and potato perogies with kethcup but sometimes I also like these plain. But most of all I like waffles with maple syrup. Real maple syrup not the fake kind. That’s the kind that my brother and my dad likes. I also love tea biscuits with butter and golden syrup to go with it. I love when my dad makes these and you have to eat them with your hands. Mmmmm  mmmmm good. All of these foods that I mentioned are yummy in my tummy!

What is your favourite food?

image: Kraft Dinner: Canada’s national food by srboisvert released under a CC Attribution license

Rabbits Everywhere

I know my blog is about sea creatures but I really wanted to write about rabbits today. I love them a lot.

bunny_grassMany times when my family and I drive around town we see wild rabbits in people’s yards and on the sides of roads by the forest. Rabbits are very good hoppers and very cute. Since they can hop really fast they can use it to get away from other animals like dogs, cougars, eagles, and wolves that want to eat them. Did you know that rabbits are mammals and when a rabbit senses trouble they lift their ears up to listen to the trouble? They have really good hearing. I have seen white, brown and black rabbits here. Some of the rabbits in the forest were pets from people. They let them go because they didn’t want them anymore. I think that’s sad because rabbits that were in cages might not know how to live in the forest. They would be in more danger because they don’t have an owner to protect them and feed them. That’s what they were used to. Rabbits can learn to live in the wild and I know this because there are lots of rabbits around here. If they weren’t good at surviving I wouldn’t see many. I wonder if some rabbits want to live in the forest more then being a pet.

Saving a Sea Star

seastarOne day when  my class and I were on a field trip  to the beach I helped someone save a sea star’s life. It was right before Summer break in the last part of June. My friend and  I were playing something else before we found the sea star on the sand a little ways away from the ocean water. Some other kids from my school were already there trying to save it because it would die if had no water. They made a circle of sand around the sea star because they didn’t want salmon to hurt the it. I believed them but now I know that salmon don’t hurt sea stars. I even put water inside the circle of sand so the sea star stayed wet. Some kids said “Don’t touch it!” so I didn’t but then my friend turned it over because she wanted to make it easier to breathe. Other kids didn’t like it turned over so they turned it back and we didn’t turn it over again. When it was time to go my friend and I left the kids with the sea star. I hope the sea star got back to the ocean and is safe again. Next time I see a sea star on the sand I think I’ll just put it back in the water right away. Then I know it will be safe.

I love sea stars because they’re so cute. A lot of people call sea stars starfish but they are not fish. They don’t have a spine. Sea stars don’t have blood either. They use the water in the ocean instead of blood inside their bodies. Isn’t that cool? I think that’s awesome! I also like that they regrow their arms when one gets cut off or a sea otter or bird eats a part of it.

I have seen lots of pink and purple sea stars. What colours have you seen before?

image: Patrick by Dawn Endico released under a CC Attribution – Share Alike license

Dolphins Splashing in the Ocean

Mrs. Young is a teacher who lives in California. She was one of the first people to comment on my blog. She told me that she goes for a run a lot beside the beach and she sees otters, seals and dolphins. When she wrote a comment on my post she told me would send me a picture but instead she sent me a video! Wasn’t that nice of her? She must be a very kind teacher. Thank you Mrs. Young.  Here it is.


Crabs on the Loose!

crabIn June I went on a class field trip to a sandy beach. We took a school bus with 4 other classes from my school. I was so happy that this day finally came because I hadn’t gone to the beach in a while. I love the beach! It is so much fun. I love to make sand castles, play in the water, find sea creatures, and run around.

On that day my two friends and I were trying to build a sand castle for the crabs that we found. It was really hard to keep the crabs inside it because they were always trying to escape. Do you know how many crabs we found? I think it was about 20! We ended up losing all of our crabs. Then one of my friends and I started to look for more. We found lots more crabs and this time we put them in sea shells but they tried to escape from these as well. We needed three sea shells for the crabs but they didn’t work out very well because the crabs just ran out of them.

Next time I think we’ll need a bucket so the crabs can’t get out. I would make sure they always had water and when we were done playing I’d make sure they got back to the ocean again.

Have you every held a crab? If you have I’d like to know how big it was.

image: A Crab in the hand is worth two in the …? by Steve Sawyer released under a CC Attribution – Noncommercial license

Ocean Animals are Awesome!

bndoplhinI love the animals in the ocean because they’re cute and sweet. Did you know that bottle-nosed dolphins hunt for fish in groups? They also like to play together and often leap out of the water at the same time. I would like to see that one day.

I plan to write a lot more about ocean creatures like sea stars, fish, sea horses, whales, seals, and many more. I’m going to watch the Imax videos I have about the ocean and read more books to learn more to write about.

Have you ever seen a dolphin in real-life before?

image: Pan-tropical Bottle-nose Dolphin by Mike (NO captive birds) in Thailand released under a CC Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works license